Learning languages with SaWaLingua

Welcome to SaWaLingua E-Learning

This website is designed to complement an English, Spanish or French course you may already be taking. SaWaLingua E-Learning can assist you in specific areas where you need improvement, like aural comprehension or word order, for example.

The website is divided into different categories and topics. In addition, SaWaLingua´s international staff works hard to keep exercises, activities and news articles up to date.

At SaWaLingua, we believe in a global approach to language learning. We look for news topics, videos, films, vocabulary exercises that reflect what a native speaker finds in everyday life. In addition, because these languages are spoken all over the world, we seek to represent accents and cultural interests from a wide variety of anglophone, hispanophone and francophone countries.We want the language you learn to be authentic.
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